Discovering the old ways

Have you changed the way you live during the pandemic lockdown. I’ve found I have reverted to the old ways of doing things.

Old typewriter keyboard
Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Being confined under lockdown rules has actually seen me start to use my telephone landline again. I’d not really done that for a couple of years and had even enquired about getting rid of it altogether. (Tip: They wouldn’t let me cancel the telephone line without cancelling my broadband connection as well.)

I’ve seen a lot more families out on bicycles as a family group as people are being forced into exercising together in their family units due to lack of other options.

One group of people who had caught my eye are the snail mailers. It seems people can only take so much TV or internet browsing and people are gradually turning back to writing letters socially, rather than whacking off an email or instant messaging. Some of these old school letters are actually more works of art as people decorate them and add little doodles or sketches.

However I think people, having been under lockdown for so long now, they are genuinely beginning to recognise the value of, and enjoying, being outside. As ‘stay home’ became ‘stay local’, sales of camping equipment have gone up. (I’m guessing partly due to summer holidays being on peoples’ thoughts and the continuing uncertainty about international travel.)

Other areas of life such as cooking full meals at home instead of dining out has increased. The sales of physical books have increased as well.

With less traffic on the road, emissions and pollution are also down and dangerously, wildlife seems as though it has lost a certain amount of fear of traffic. (Watch our for deer in the early morning or evening.)

Could it be that the lockdown has had a positive effect on society and going back to some of the old ways may have a lasting effect? As ever, only time will tell.





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