Halifax Big Cat Sighting

Back in November 2020 there was a little bit of excitement over a big cat sighting in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Staff at Piece Hall in the town released some CCTV footage that appeared to show, quite compellingly, a big cat prowling around the empty venue.

Big Cat - Puma
Photo by Leah Huyghe on Unsplash

You may recall me talking to Big Cat Expert, Andy Ross on a podcast about the presence of big cats within the UK.

There were subsequent second and third sightings of a big cat in the areas report the by local newspaper the Halifax Courier.

Last night I received a report of yet one more sighting on New Year’s Day 2021 in the early evening. Traffic was very quiet due to local lockdown restrictions so it is entirely plausible that a big cat may behave in a little more bold fashion that it otherwise would.

Initially I thought it was a little unusual for a big cat to still be in the area. After all, it would be much easier and safer for these animals to roam in the countryside and keep a low profile. Under ‘normal’ circumstances that would definitely be true. However, the times are anything but normal. With light traffic levels and fewer people outside in general it is not beyond logic to think of these big cats entering our towns and cities. Think of the food opportunities available to the animals at the moment. It only takes one bin from a takeaway or butcher’s shop not to be secured properly and it would be like switching a food machine on to free vend.

So have you seen a big cat in the UK? Do you think you may have seen a big cat roaming in the wild? Then get in touch by clicking here and letting us know all about your experience.





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