When aliens came to visit

Have you ever thought what it would be like if aliens came to visit? Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, that’s pretty far fetched isn’t? However thousands of people across the country think that it has happened and claim to have had first hand experience of it. Take a look at the picture below.

Aliens visiting or Fake UFO Picture

This photograph was taken around half a mile from where I live. I know that because I took it. Have you ever seen a triangular aircraft? There are many reports about something referred to as TR3-B Astra. That’s supposed to be a military craft of very terrestrial origin.

So what do you make of the above picture? Could that really be a TR3-B Astra above my home town here in the north of England? Or have aliens paid us a visit?

The Truth is Out There

X Files

Well as they said on the X Files TV show, the truth is out there. In fact it is right in front of your eyes. Seeing is believing right?


The picture above is a complete fake. Just to be clear, I’ll repeat that. It’s a fake. It’s not out of this world at all

The background to the picture is genuine and was taken in a carpark around half a mile from my home. Yes, I took it. I used my phone one evening, pointed it at the sky and hit the click to take the picture. Whilst on the app store, I was looking for UFO related apps (my interest at the time was something that would aggregate reported sightings) and found a free app that would superimpose a UFO image on a picture from my camera roll. A few clicks and the picture above was done.

These apps are a real pain for genuine researchers into the UAP phenomenon. At first glance the picture looks pretty good and after a quick survey of ten people, nine people I showed the picture to thought it was genuine and that aliens had visited.

So when shown a picture like this we have to through the old saying of “the camera never lies” out of the window because in this digital world, it often does.

Of course the picture wouldn’t stand the test of an experienced image analyst. They would put it through all sorts of filters and tests. So, the next time you see that short filler piece on a website or in a newspaper, ask yourself, has the journalist just leapt on the picture in an attempt to get a scoop, or has the picture been subjected to an in-depth analysis.

Don’t get fooled by fakes.






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