The Calvine UFO file – why can’t it be released?

In 1990 a couple of people were out hiking near Calvine, Perthshire in Scotland. Whilst enjoying their day amongst the amazing scenery, they had an encounter they would never forget.

They saw a diamond shaped craft, approximately 100 feet in length, hovering over Calvine. One of the hikers had the presence of mind to take a couple of pictures with a camera of the craft, a craft that disappeared at high speed when two RAF jets arrived on the scene.

UFO Lights in the sky Calvine
Photo by Ben Collins on Unsplash

The hikers sent the pictures off to the Daily Record newspaper, who in turn shared both the pictures and negatives (this was still in pre-digital photography days) with the UK Ministry of Defence. Needless to say the photographs and the negatives were not returned to the hikers and their identities were not disclosed either.

Rolling time on three decades, and many UFO researchers were expecting the Calvine file held by the Ministry of Defence to be released without any redactions under the thirty-year rule. It would have been out of this world if that had happened. It didn’t. Instead, some unknown individual in the Civil Service has slapped a fifty year extension to the ‘closure’ of the file.

It is a simple question ask “Why?”. Why would the file be closed for eighty years if there was nothing to this? What is in that file that is so devastating the public cannot be told?

If UFOs are all nonsense, what are they hiding?

Even if the craft seen by the hikers was some sort of secret military hardware, after thirty years it would be so out of date there would be little advantage to keep it secret. Hiding the contents of this file from the public for eighty years seems excessive at the least.

So who decides what information is released under the thirty-year rule and who blocked the release of the Calvine file?






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