October 2020

  • Durham Puma – A chat with a local expert

    Durham Puma – A chat with a local expert

    When you mention the word ‘alien’ in the UK, people tend to think of extraterrestrials. However, another ‘alien’ may be lurking amongst us, an ‘alien big cat’. We’re joined by Andy, a local expert on the Durham Puma. Some people feel the prospect of a breeding population of large cats in the wild is not…

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  • The Calvine UFO file – why can’t it be released?

    The Calvine UFO file – why can’t it be released?

    In 1990 a couple of people were out hiking near Calvine, Perthshire in Scotland. Whilst enjoying their day amongst the amazing scenery, they had an encounter they would never forget. They saw a diamond shaped craft, approximately 100 feet in length, hovering over Calvine. One of the hikers had the presence of mind to take…

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  • Preparedness : What exactly is it?

    Preparedness : What exactly is it?

    Preparedness. It’s a word that has been used a lot throughout 2020. Were people prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic? Were businesses and public sector organisation prepared for COVID-19? Definitely not. As a young boy I was first a Cub Scout, then I joined the Scouts. It is strange to look back on those times when…

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  • The Mull Air Mystery

    The Mull Air Mystery

    It was December 1975. Norman Peter Gibbs had arrived by ferry on the Inner Hebridian island of the Isle of Mull, Scotland. He was accompanied by his girlfriend, 32 year old Felicity Grainger, twenty-three years his junior. Then known as Peter Gibbs, he was one of ‘the few’, a Spitfire Pilot during World War Two.…

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  • East coast mystery

    East coast mystery

    In August, I was back on the east coast of Yorkshire. The scenery can be quite breath-taking but I was not really there for the same reasons as other tourists. Coming out of lockdown, it was good to get away for the day and have a good old fashioned adventure road trip. Yet, what I…

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