The Old Woman Of Cotherstone

Cotherstone DeerLord Fitzheugh was a young nobleman who lived in Cotherstone, near Barnard Castle in County Durham. Whenever he was at Cotherstone he loved nothing more than to go stag hunting with hounds.

One day whilst setting off on a hunt he met an old woman on the road. The old woman warned him not to go hunting that day explaining he would face great danger.

Arrogantly he ignored the old woman’s warning and continued on to the hunt. The hunt failed to find a stag and several times the hounds appeared to pick up a scent, only for the chase to fade to nothing.

Fitzheugh got separated from the others in the hunt and spotted a majestic stag on the edge of some woods. He called the hounds to him and gave chase. After chasing for some time he saw the stag leap into the air and fall over a cliff edge. The hounds soon followed. Despite pulling hard on the reigns, Fitzheugh’s horse was unable to stop before falling over the cliff and taking him with it.

The old woman’s words had come true.





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