Lights – I don’t know what I saw

People have seen strange lights for centuries. Some are easy to explain, aircraft navigation lights, communications satellites in low orbit.

Some time ago, I saw something I couldn’t explain and managed to get a short video clip of it. The noise in the background of the clip is the sound of my (diesel) car engine. Other than that, there was nobody else around and not a sound from the nearby forest either.

I have no idea why I looked up and to the right while I was driving along. The lights were there but I didn’t think they were sufficiently bright enough to catch my eye and distract me from driving. I do remember looking up and thinking “that’s weird” and pulling the car over. My high quality camera was in the boot of the car, so I made a split second decision to grab my mobile phone from the centre console and get what footage I could. (I had missed the opportunity to get footage in the past by taking the extra time to get my decent camera out of the bag and switched on.)

Whilst the video is by no means perfect, it does give a fair representation of what I saw. Before I managed to start recording, the lights clustered together, so I only got footage of what appears to be a single light source.

In case it was a reflection off the body of an aeroplane, I check my FlightRadar app. They did not show any air traffic in the area at that time.

So unlike these people, when I saw lights in the sky, I have no idea what I saw. I can’t say what it is. In fact, I can’t even say what I think it is. It was just there. I saw it. I recorded it. It disappeared.

So my final question is, what do you think it is?






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