Shadow People: Do they really exist?

Shadow people

I’ve heard the term before, Shadow People. I’ve never seen one myself, but I know people who say they have. By nature, this type of phenomenon is incredibly hard to capture and so this video below appears to be a happy accident, if it is genuine.

The main subject of the video is a girl, dancing on what appears to be a kitchen work surface. However, ignore her. Keep your eyes on the doorway at the end of the room. Do you see a shadow person walk from right to left? I have to admit, when I watched the video on my phone, I didn’t see the shadow person at all, despite the red ring appearing on the video.

It was only once I played the video on my computer that some sort of shadow moving from right to left became apparent.

Whilst this does appear to be a good capture of some sort of strange shadow figure, I can’t rule out some sort of digital trickery. What do you think? Is this video a happy accidental recording or is it a clever hoax? Could the figure be some sort of reflection? I’m not sure.

Either way, I think it is an interesting example. I can’t explain it away but even after watching it a few times I can’t verify it is completely genuine. All I can say is I know what I see, or perhaps that should be, what I think I see.





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