Staxton Wold

Nestling, quite inconspicuously in the Yorkshire Wolds, is Remote RADAR Head Staxton Wold.

It is a RADAR facility operated by the Royal Air Force as part of the UK’s Air Surveillance & Control System. The base itself is fairly innocuous and easy to drive by without realising, unlike the ‘big wedge’ at RAF Fylingdales.

However, Staxton Wold is part of the area of ‘High Strangeness’ mentioned in the ‘Truth Proof‘ series of books.

RRH Staxton Wold

It is easy to see how strange creatures could roam the countryside in this area at night. Flixton, most notably for the ‘Flixton Werewolf‘ sightings which date back to 940AD, is a little over a mile and a half away from the RADAR station.

This was my first trip to the area, so I concentrated on getting the lie-of-the-land and a feel for the area. It is also the reason I visited in daylight. My next trip will be during the hours of darkness as places can change, or perhaps more correctly appear to change, at night. If there is something stalking the countryside around Staxton and Flixton, the chances are it will be seen at night when fewer people are outside.

Only time will tell.







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