When the Daleks invaded Northumberland

Dalek - Battle for the Allendalek

Daleks have invaded Northumberland. The video below is the first installment about the Allendalek.

For those who hadn’t heard of the Allendalek before, this story all revolves around a Science Fiction Museum in Northumberland. You did know there was a Science Fiction museum in Northumberland didn’t you? No?

The idyllic village of Allendale in Northumberland has a population of around 2,000 people. So you would imagine that any enterprise that could boost the local economy would be most welcome for drawing income into the area.

Like many others, when I visited the village (that I’d never been to before) I was coming specifically for the science fiction museum. That didn’t stop me from spending money in the local shop, or indeed in the local pub. I would never have driven for around 90 minutes to visit a pub or shop, but the chance to visit somewhere as unique as a science fiction museum outside of London was too good to miss. That is how tourism works, one attraction can benefit many other businesses and keep people in jobs.

Little did I know when I visited the museum, that controversy was swirling all around.

I am so proud of the way local people responded to the threatened removal of the Dalek outside the door of the museum. “Not in keeping” droned the miserable descenters. So what did the local people do? They started building their own Daleks and placing them in front of their own properties. The strength of feeling clearly showed the Dalek was very much in keeping.

Let’s give the museum and its creator a voice and watch the video below.





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