The strange place of Bempton

Bempton Cliffs. It is a truly spectacular piece of coastline in East Yorkshire.

Bempton Cliffs
Bempton Cliffs

The cliffs are huge which makes them an ideal nesting spot for a large population of birds. In fact, the bird life is so good, the RSPB have a centre there.

Popular with bird spotting enthusiasts, the cliffs also play host to the hardy sea anglers who will sit diligently on the cliff tops casting their lines into the sea below.

However, in recent years Bempton has become know for strange goings on. Largely due to the research efforts of the author of the Truth Proof series of books, Paul Sinclair.

In the video below, he describes the strangeness surrounding the fate of an English Electric Lightning aeroplane. Tail number XS894, the Lightning crashed into the North Sea on the 8th September 1970.