Wandering the moors

Today I spent a bit of time on the moors. The county where I live has quite a variety of environments to go walking in. Coast, hills, moorlands and forest all are within easy reach of anyone who has access to a car.

Also, despite being out and about on a sunny weekend, it felt as though I had the moors to myself. It would only be the occasional passing car that would interrupt the sounds of nature.

Moors - Moorland view

One thing many people from outside the area do not realise is that on the moors, the sheep are allowed to run free. This means it is quite common for you to have to stop to allow a sheep or two to cross the road. This can be an even bigger problem in lambing season, as the young lambs have not yet learned what a car is and the fact they should be avoided.

Unlike the forest, I don’t see much wildlife on the moors. The odd grouse or pheasant can sometimes be spotted but the main animals you see are the hardy sheep the farmers all to graze up there.

The best thing about the moors for me though is visiting them at night. With a clear sky the planets and stars can give a really good show, aided by the lack of light pollution. With a camera on a tripod, it is possible to get some really good photographs on long exposure settings.