July 2019

  • Another early morning in the forest

    Despite being really tired after working through the night, today I headed off to the forest. The country is facing its hottest day in history with the mercury rising to 39˚C. In short, it’s hot. Very hot. In a bid to get out of direct sunlight, I headed to the forest. I thought I’d use…

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  • Wandering the moors

    Today I spent a bit of time on the moors. The county where I live has quite a variety of environments to go walking in. Coast, hills, moorlands and forest all are within easy reach of anyone who has access to a car. Also, despite being out and about on a sunny weekend, it felt…

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  • A trip to the forest on a sunny day

    I spent much of this afternoon in the forest today. It was a boiling hot day so a trip out seemed in order. The trees and leafy ferns provided ideal protection against the harsh heat of the sun, though unfortunately, they didn’t provide much protection from the midgies that seemed to have taken over one…

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