The heat of summer arrives

It finally came this weekend. The sunshine of Summer. At least Summer finally appears as though it has arrived.

Winter coats have been stored in the wardrobe and I have now switch to my Summer walking kit.

That means carrying more water to remain hydrated and replacing the winter storm wear with lightweight waterproofs. I also tend to switch my walking boots during the warmer months.

It also means a change of kit bag for the car. The crampons, emergency shelter and other kit from the boot of my car has been replaced by lighter-weight, more compact kit and the extra space has been taken up by a large water carrier.

The days have just started to get shorter again as the Summer Solstice came and went last week but they still seem to be really long, with daylight not fading until around 10pm.

The early mornings still remain my favourite part of the day. It is a time of restart and renewal. When the night gives in to daylight and the nocturnal animals retreat to their lairs and allow the daytime creatures to take over.

I’m looking forward to the heat continuing and many more adventures over the Summer months.