An Unusual Alarm Clock

Yesterday wasn’t a good day. Working odd hours, I need to grab my sleep when I can. This involves me shutting myself off from the outside world until my alarm drags me back to the land of the living.

However, when the local Constabulary decide to take to the skies the chances of sleep disappear completely. It is like the ultimate alarm clock.

Twice yesterday, their helicopter was flown really low over my area. Clearly they were searching for someone or something, but is it really necessary to fly that low and create a load of disturbance. It was a question I had asked in the past and I had been told the helicopter is flown deliberately low to trigger people to look out of their windows. In the event that someone who is being pursued by the Police is spotted in someone’s garden, the hope is they will report the stranger’s presence. The technique may work for law enforcement, but for a quite, private life and sleep, it doesn’t.





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