June 2019

  • The heat of summer arrives

    It finally came this weekend. The sunshine of Summer. At least Summer finally appears as though it has arrived. Winter coats have been stored in the wardrobe and I have now switch to my Summer walking kit. That means carrying more water to remain hydrated and replacing the winter storm wear with lightweight waterproofs. I…

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  • An early morning trip to the forest

    Over recent weeks I have been spending a lot of time in the forest. Much of that is during the hours of darkness, but one day last week was out early in the morning around 4am. I love the forest at night as a whole different eco-system seems to take over. You see and hear…

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  • An Unusual Alarm Clock

    An Unusual Alarm Clock

    Yesterday wasn’t a good day. Working odd hours, I need to grab my sleep when I can. This involves me shutting myself off from the outside world until my alarm drags me back to the land of the living. However, when the local Constabulary decide to take to the skies the chances of sleep disappear…

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